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Crystal Towers and Points

Not only do crystal points make aesthetically pleasing display pieces, they also make great tools for crystal healing rituals. Also commonly referred to as towers, wands, or obelisks, crystal points focus and transmit their energy through the tip. Use a crystal point in a grid, or directed toward or away from yourself, depending on how you want to direct the energy flow. You could also write an intention on a piece of paper and set a crystal tower on top to help send that energy out into the world.

Double-terminated crystal points allow energy to flow through the stone. One might use a double-terminated crystal to facilitate a connection to another person. You could also use a double terminated crystal to allow the energy to flow from a crystal to an object for the purpose cleansing or amplifying. Obsidian, being a crystal that deflects and repels negative energy, will push that energy outward and away from the space it is placed in. 

Natural Fire Quartz Point
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Giant Rose Quartz Tower
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Lodolite Phantom Tower
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