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Raw Crystal and Mineral Specimens

Raw crystal and mineral specimens are stones in their naturally occurring form. All stones on this page are unpolished and have not been carved, faceted, or cut except to be removed from the matrix. Raw crystal specimens can vary widely, and the same type of crystal can have a completely different formation based on the conditions it formed in.

Some people prefer using crystals in their raw form for spiritual and healing work, because they believe that the less a crystal is modified from its original state, the more potent its energy is. In any case, raw crystals are beautiful gifts from the earth that definitely deserve a place in your collection!

Needle Quartz Cluster
Needle Quartz Cluster Sold Out
Deep Purple Amethyst Cluster
Deep Purple Amethyst Cluster Sold Out
Pink Halite
Pink Halite Sold Out
Blue Druzy Chalcedony
Blue Druzy Chalcedony Sold Out
Raw Malachite Specimen
Raw Malachite Specimen Sold Out