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Purple Crystals

Whether you are seeking purple crystals for chromotherapy or purple just happens to be your favorite color, purple is a beautiful hue that represents a variety of meanings.

Traditionally, purple has been associated with royalty, wisdom, and honor. During the 15th century in the geographical area that is modern-day Lebanon, purple dye was reserved for kings, nobles, and priests, due to the intensive process of extracting the pigment from sea snails. Purple is not commonly found in nature, so it has also been associated with individuality, rarity, and uniqueness. Purple has also commonly represented integrity, trust, and loyalty.

Metaphysically, purple is associated with the crown chakra. Purple and lavender crystals are said to have higher vibrations than most, which helps cultivates high states of awareness regarding your connection the universe. Purple encourages visionary qualities and spiritual wisdom.

Popular purple crystals include amethyst, lepidolite, iolite, sugilite, charoite, lithium quartz, purple fluorite, stitchtite, and Smithsonite. Some garnets and sapphires can even be purple, depending on their mineral makeup. 

Amethyst Agate Moon
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Fluorite Sphere
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Deep Purple Amethyst Cluster
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Set of 3 Amethyst Spheres
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All Seeing Amethyst Sphere
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