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Geodes and Standing Crystal Displays

Geodes are naturally occurring crystals that form in cavities in the earth. These cavities are most often formed when carbon dioxide and water vapor make bubbles in molten lava. Once the lava or magma has hardened into rock, the cavities remain. In order for them to be filled with crystals, the cavities need to be porous. This allows water to seep through into the space. The water seeping through causes minerals from the water to build up inside of the cavity. Over thousands of years, these minerals form crystals that eventually fill the cavity.

Natural crystal geodes make beautiful display pieces, lending natural, organic texture and sparkle to any space.

Metaphysically, geodes symbolize inner growth and self-sufficiency. They hold energy within themselves, and the numerous crystal terminations pointing inward direct energy to the center of the geode. Use a crystal geode to help you examine or work on deeply personal themes within yourself that you do not often share with the rest of the world. Choose a crystal type that pertains to the area you are focusing on - for example, if you are working on overcoming an addiction, an amethyst geode would be excellent for that purpose. Hold a geode in both hands while practicing introspective thinking, or place larger pieces on an altar or another private space.

Giant Rose Quartz Tower
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Blue Druzy Chalcedony
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Pink Halite
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