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Crystal Ball Spheres

Crystal spheres are one of the most popular shapes for polished gemstones. Holding a crystal ball in your hands can be a soothing experience that leaves you feeling steady and clear-headed. These crystals are excellent for restoring balance, as they emit energy equally in every direction. Crystal balls can be used for scrying or divination. They also make beautiful additions to an altar space.
Fluorite Sphere
Fluorite Sphere Sold Out
Clear Quartz Sphere
Clear Quartz Sphere Sold Out
Labradorite Sphere
Labradorite Sphere Sold Out
Wooden Moon Sphere Stand
Wooden Moon Sphere Stand Sold Out
Rainbow Calcite Sphere
Rainbow Calcite Sphere Sold Out
Rose Quartz Sphere
Rose Quartz Sphere Sold Out
Set of 3 Amethyst Spheres
Set of 3 Amethyst Spheres Sold Out
All Seeing Amethyst Sphere
All Seeing Amethyst Sphere Sold Out