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For many people, fear can be one of the most debilitating emotions. It can leave you feeling vulnerable and hopeless, especially when that fear stems from not knowing what you are up against. When life as you know it is thrown into disarray, it’s natural for fear, anxiety, anger, panic, or even grief to settle in. It can be a challenge to keep your emotions stable when life isn't. Whatever you're feeling, your emotions should be acknowledged. While it may be uncomfortable, it can help to examine your thoughts and feelings as they come instead of pushing them aside, and to develop responses to the anxieties you find yourself dwelling on most frequently.

These are a few crystals that are well-loved by the crystal healing community, specifically as being helpful tools to work through feelings of fear and anxiety. While you are practicing anti-anxiety responses, you can use these crystals to help calm you and invoke a sense of being grounded.


apophyllite crystals for anxiety and worryingApophyllite is one of the most popular zeolites in the world of crystals. Most often occurring in pastel hues of green, peachy pink, yellow, and white; apophyllite's pyramid-shaped crystals often contain rainbows. This stone is popular among Reiki practitioners, who use the stone to put clients at ease and help them enter a relaxed, open, and positive state of mind. Apophyllite is said to hold a very gentle and calming vibration. It is regarded as one of the best stones to work with for people who fear the unknown, helping to release apprehension and worry.




Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is said to be one of the best grounding crystals. Working with this stone can help encourage the sense of being mentally and emotionally anchored and stable. Judy Hall, renowned crystal worker and author, refers to smoky quartz as "a superb antidote to stress that assists in tolerating difficult times with equanimity and resolve.” Smoky quartz is a good crystal to grab when you feel yourself falling into a mental downward spiral.


The mesmerizing Caribbean blue stone called larimar is a more recently discovered variety of pectolite. Larimar is believed to be helpful for people who suffer from phobias, panic attacks, stress, and excessive anger or fear. It is said to transform internal chaotic energy into calm and balanced energy. Its delicate patterns of blue and white look like tranquil waters that can help you turn your focus to lighter things.larimar tumbles for sale


Onyx is purported to be a stone that supports people who are in difficult or confusing circumstances. It is said to act as a mental tonic that alleviates fear and worry in times of severe mental and physical stress.Onyx is a stone of wisdom that assists in keeping your own counsel, and is believed to hold memories and assist in recalling details. Onyx imparts the invaluable gift of wise decision making. Work with a piece of onyx when you are trying to sort through information coming from every direction, and it will help you uncover truth.

green amazonite palm stone for fear and stress relief


Use amazonite when you are feeling discouraged or unsure. Known as the hope stone, amazonite instills confidence and empowerment when you are feeling less than self-assured. It is strongly linked to the throat chakra, urging you to speak truth. Amazonite is an extremely soothing and comforting stone that can impart mental peace and calm when you feel like you are at your breaking point.


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21 September, 2020



21 September, 2020



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